SOHP Episode 5: Eve Strikes Back!

Episode 5 is live!  And Eve is striking back!  In this episode we chat about every day struggles.  Lately, I have personally been dealing with a lot of fatigue, not feeling motivated, and working on my relationship with food.  Eve and I dig deep into these issues and how we deal with them.  Plus, we chat about the upcoming Star Wars Celebration in Chicago and positive opinions about three Star Wars topics!

Click below and enjoy!

Click here to download episode!

Here is a little bit more information about Eve:              Eve pic                       
“Eve, the co-host whose name isn’t really Eve, loves long twitter threads, silly memes and inside jokes. The Empire Strikes Back, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader are her absolute favorites. When she’s not geeking out on the internet, Eve writes and takes photographs professionally in a cozy Pennsylvanian suburb.”

You can find Eve on Twitter @skywalker_eve.  You can listen to her on the Unmistakably Star Wars Podcast.  Follow them on Twitter and Instagram @UnmistakablySW! She also has started her own podcast!  Follow the Iron Sea Podcast @ironseacast on Twitter.

Theme song arranged and performed by Megan Cullinan (that’s me!) and mixed by Steve Resler.  Original music composed by John Williams.


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