SOHP Episode 4: Neil

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2019 has finally arrived and so has Episode 4 of the “Spark Of Hope Podcast!” On this episode, I interviewed Neil Lowery. Neil is from England and has been a Star Wars fan since he first saw it in London in 1978. He is active on Twitter as “neil positive” and that is where I first met him. On this episode, we discuss how he has dealt with his learning disability and recent health issues as well as his love of Star Wars and how it gets him through those challenges.

Neil is a positive force in the online Star Wars community and I hope you enjoy our conversation!

Click here to DOWNLOAD Episode 4

You can find Neil on Twitter @LoweryNeil, on Facebook as Neil Lowery, and on Instagram @positivity_one. His podcast is called “Cloud Car Co-Pilot” and you can find it on iTunes and Anchor.


One thought on “SOHP Episode 4: Neil

  1. Another top interview Megan! You are a natural interviewer :¬) Neil’s positivity shines through – you can tell all his tweets are real and from the heart, and his interview really highlights a genuine love of Star Wars. Hey Neil, if you read this I was at the London celebration too – top day!. I stayed on to watch big screen projection of Ep 4 (sat on the grass outside), so if you watched it too you may even be in the background on some of my photos LOL.

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