SOHP Episode 2: Michelle

And now, presenting the second episode of the “Spark of Hope” Podcast!  On this episode I chatted with my friend Michelle, who is incredibly inspirational.  She has gone through so much in her young life.  She talks about being born in Tokyo, Japan and moving to the states, dealing with the death of her father, finding a new career, accepting what has happened to her, and so much more. You’ll also find out how she really feels about Boba Fett and Return of the Jedi!
#NeverTooOld  #ListenToThePositive  #DoGood


Here is a little bit more information about Michelle:  Michelle

Michelle loves books, naps, puppies, pizza, and gifs of puppies eating pizza. She founded the @travelingbooknerds bookstagram, where she shares creative bookish photos to over 10K followers. She has contributed creative non-fiction to Rebelle Society, and is currently workshopping her first novel at the Writing Pad. She lives, writes, and photographs her book collection in West Los Angeles with her two chihuahuas-mix rescues, Halston Rose and Kennedy Eastwood, who is actually half porg, half Yoda.

You can find Michelle on Twitter and Instagram @tediously_brief. You can listen to her on the Tumbling Saber Podcast.  Follow them on Twitter and Instagram @TumblingSaber!

Theme song and vocal tag arranged and performed by Megan Cullinan (that’s me!) and mixed by Steve Resler.  Original music composed by John Williams.